How to register a free .ovh domain

First i want to say:no zuo no die.please remember.
Then i will say how to create the domain.
Now ATTENTION PLEASE: If you don’t have an OVH account andyou are Chinese.Please don’t read the following because OVH don’t accept more Chinese.i don’t know why.though i am a Chinese,but i have registered my OVH account a few years i can do it now.
OK.First,login your account,and navigate to the textbox with your favorite domain.and click the button.Always choose the no-money option.And at last you will be navigated to an billing shoun’t pay anything.but at the bottom of page,you can see a it and it will let you enter the captcha.then you can take a nap and wait for a long time.Then you will see your domain in you control panel.
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How to register a free .ovh domain》有2个想法


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